Our promised Mix Tape is now complete! Members of the Tsurumi Club will receive a free copy (Hint: join now).  This is a mix made using tracks from great bands and songs we've come across in our label efforts.  We can't afford to put out all of their records, but we can share their songs (thanks to permission from the artists). The theme of this mix is the grey area... navigating between the pop song extremes of love and hate to deal with the bizarre, mediocre, and rude. I'll add more to the story later, for now we'll start with the list of songs and links to the bands: 


"Baby Don't Leave Me Again" - Chad Fox 
"Once I Became One of Those" - Cool Devices
"Aftergrass" - The Second Academy 
"The Sun" - Naomi Punk
"Black Star Shining" - Golden
"Stepmom Fox" - South Side
"The Summation" - Hotel St. George
"Momewraths" - Chinese
"Smart Ass and the Dumb" - The Beautiful Mothers
"Monarch" - Tigon
"I Need a Beer" - Zook (Carl Zook from I Defy)
"Vision Filled with Miles of Air" - Self Destruct Button





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