Chain Letter

The first time we did a chain letter, it was a cassette. The tape traveled around the country by mail, with each delivery spawning a new song recorded after the last and passed on again.  Well, it was going great until the tape was lost, not in the mail, but in a messy apartment.  Those that heard the cassette still remark about it's brilliance.  Taking one lesson learned from the experiment, we are relaunching the chain letter project, but with a digital safety net. The chain letter will still result from a single passing of the previously captured songs to a person designated by the last one to record.  The digital safety net is each song will be backed up; not just only present on the CD-R that passes (we were going to use a cassette, but apparently not everyone has a tape recorder anymore).  The nice side benefit of the digital capture is we can host the growing chain here and allow all of us to follow along.  Tsurumi Club members will have the additional privilege of the ability to download the songs.

We are pleased to present Chain Letter Project #1:

SONG #1 - Eric Balaban, Seattle, WA. "Cold Moss"

SONG #2 - Ron Kretch, Cleveland, OH. "Required: Revised Lunar Cycles"

SONG #3 - AAMAA feat. Wolfy, NYC. "Nine Fourteen Nine"

SONG #4 - coming soon


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