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Tsurumi Records is taking a break and this will be our last event for a while. Come celebrate and get some free give-aways from our back catalog!

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TSURUMI RECORDS is proud to offer the LIMITED RELEASE of the 180g LP for Trimtab New Model... 6 tracks of something nothing like you've heard before! Only 200 pressed - remaining stock available for sale at shows and here, shipping immediately.   Digital copies available for purchase at iTunes / Amazon / Spotify.
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TSURUMI RECORDS is excited to offer the RELEASE of the Split 7 inch 45rpm for Endino's Earthworm / Basment Sessions... 2 solid tracks of RNR for you to spin!. The 7 inch (300 limited edition translucent-blue-vinyl), available for sale at shows and here, shipping immediately.  
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TSURUMI RECORDS is pleased to offer the RELEASE of the LP and CD versions of THE REVENANT Movie Picture Soundtrack... 11 great full length tracks and quotes from the film! The CDs are in stock and ready to ship. The LPs (500 limited edition picture discs), available for sale in stores and here, shipping immediately.  
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is proud to announce the RELEASE of FONZARELLI's debut Last Chance Summer Dance... available now for order from your local record store (always preferred and saves on shipping) or in our online store from here.


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THE SECOND ACADEMY Bohemian Grove is released! The first limited edition run is on "translucent pearl" vinyl, with a sleeved CD, lyrics, liner notes, and a poster included.  Get more info on action around the new LP on facebook and hear tracks at thesecondacademy.net. Join the Tsurumi Club and check the 2ndA page to hear Eric describe his passions behind this LP.    Click here for the Bohemian Grove Lyrics and Liner notes


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Albums from The Second Academy, Golden, and The Beautiful Mothers are out now - ask your local record store to order copies for your town. Request plays of tracks from them on college and independent stations across the US and Canada. The Vinyl packages include a full CD and a poster>> If unavailable at your favorite record shop, you can buy your limited run first copies from our on-line Store today!

For interested Record Stores, we are partnered with CPI and their network for distribution of all our vinyl  - please check your distribution outlets or contact CPI for orders. Email us with any questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Records Released

These are the other records from Tsurumi. They are all designed as full-length albums, with distinct side 1 and side 2 experiences. Each of them tackle elements of the human condition often ignored to maintain pleasantries. Check them out and learn more on each:

GOLDEN - Golden

Hailing from Tokyo, this trio melds guitar, drums, and mandolin into an incredible mix of classical Japanese, sea shanty, and rock with dark country western undertone.


A blend of midwest punk and pulsating rock; the Mothers carefully balance throbbing, swirling rhythm with sheer bombast.

THE SECOND ACADEMY - The Grave From Out of Which We Briefly Wander

Northwest punk meets melodic lo-fi and melts into a roller coaster ride. Sometimes delicate and sweet, you'll soon be reminded this band can rattle you to the core just as easily as they steal your heart.


The Ripple Effect meets Tsurumi Records:

Interview with Jeff, then pan down for awesome reviews of TBM, The Second Academy, and Fonzarelli.




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